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SOGESID Spa aims to address requirements of continuing increasing complexity of the Territory and the Society, supporting Public Administrations in programming and coordinating targeted measures in order to meet the needs for technical assistance, environmental remediation and protection, surveys, eco-sustainability and environmental education, activities of high priority for all local administrations, and non the less for the health and quality of life of every citizen.

SOGESID Spa, acknowledging Article 1, paragraph 503 of Law No. 296/2006 (Financial Law 2007)
is committed to supply:

  1. Support and services regarding water resource management and integrated water services, fulfilling part III of L.D. 152/2006, as subsequently amended and integrated, carrying out following activities;

    - in accordance with national and international rules supply engineering services, studies and consulting in the water sector regarding water uses and resource management.

    - elaboration of studies and research concerning water use and resource management.
  2. Surveying and supervision in the matter of waste, implementing rules in force and integrated management of urban solid waste and industrial waste.

  3. Treatment and disposal of residential wastewater.

  4. Programming and implementing reclamation interventions in order to restore the environment.

  5. Precautionary measures, interventions and surveying plans to protect marine waters from pollution.

  6. Protection and reclamation of water bodies, support for controlling and supervising the pollution of inland waters, superficial water and groundwater.

  7. Promotion and implementation of interventions aiming to promote the use of renewable sources of energy
  8. Environmental Impact Assessment.

  9. Activities regarding assessment and compensation of environmental damages.

  10. Technical assistance in international initiatives, regarding sectors of competence and in particular, the water sector.

  11. Activities to promote the process of “Agenda 21”.

  12. Promote Sustainable Development and European Union funding programs, desertification, pollution, Life.

  13. Studies and implementation of environmental information campaigns.

  14. Environmental education projects.

  15. Studies and formulation of training programs in environmental matters.

  16. Planning, diffusion and management of environmental information.

  17. Definition of studies and projects regarding hydrogeological set-ups.

  18. Interventions in case of public emergencies.

  19. Pollution prevention and protection in all its environmental matrixes, comprising industrial risks.

  20. Planning and direction of works necessary for the integration, activation and implementation of potable water, sanitation and irrigation systems.

  21. Assistance in supporting activities aiming to implement and manage the Framework Program Agreements, regarding the transfer of water resources, in accordance with Article 158 of D.L. No. 152/2006.

The activities of Sogesid strategically fall under the initiatives that aim at building infrastructures and modernizing public administration in Southern Italy.

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