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SOGESID Spa, representing the in-house instrument of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, offers technical support to Regional Administrations through activities and interventions that aim, on one hand, to initiate solutions to environmental emergencies (environmental remediation, management of waste and waste emergencies, hydrogeological instabilities etc.) and, on the other hand, to promote the proper and efficient use of national and community structural funds, in order to reduce the risk of loosing financing means.

Our history

SOGESID Spa, since its foundation in 1994, has worked in Southern Italy, at first as a concessionary firm, managing some wastewater treatment plants in the Region of Campania.

Later, when Law No. 36 of 5th June 1994 came into force and was fully operative, (the so called Galli Act, nowdays totally integrated within the Legislative Decree No. 152 of 3rd April 2006), SOGESID Spa extended its activities to the rest of Italy. The activities comprised Surveys of the state of aqueducts, sewer systems and treatment plants in 27 Optimal Territorial Ambits, an area representing 1935 municipalities with a population of approximately 18,5 million inhabitants.

These activities were followed by the realization of Water Services Management Plans for further 25 Optimal Territorial Ambits. As requested by the same Authorities, the activities of SOGESID Spa moved further, until 2004, supplying technical support during the preparatory phase for assigning Integrated Water Services management contracts.

More specifically, SOGESID has:

  1. promoted and accelerated the implementation of the Galli Act and the industrialisation of the water services sector;
  2. performed propaedeutic activities (studies, planning and technical support) – in order to promote the implementation of infrastructure projects (Framework Programme Agreements, Community Support Framework 2000-2006, the “Objective Law”);
  3. supported Regions and the Environmental Emergency Commissioner in the implementation of the national rule (L.D. 152/99) that adopts the Community directive regarding the water bodies protection:
  4. contributed with project plans and management activities to solve critical emergency situations, according to specific ordinances.

These are the activities accomplished up to today;

  • Regional Water Protection Plans
  • General Regulation Plans for Aqueducts
  • Assistance to the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance concerning development and cohesion policies and monitoring of the Framework Programme Agreements (APQ) implementation in the water sector, in Southern Italy.
  • Assistance to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development through monitoring activities, collaboration and technical support, realisation of studies regarding the state of the art and implementation of training modules.
  • Assistance to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in realizing a Geographical Information System of the water schemes in Southern Italy and in cataloguing the know-how and sector studies patrimony.
  • Assistance to the Ministry of the Environment and Territory for the implementation of European Community directives regarding water, reuse of treated wastewater and the prevention of pollution from hazardous substances.
  • Coordination and transmission to the European Commission of regional information regarding the local environmental status, in order to define new measures for environmental protection.
  • Project engineering of sewage and wastewater treatment works for environmental emergencies in the Region of Campania.
  • Construction management of the sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants (Collina dei Camaldoli, Procida, Portici, Massa Lubrense, Punta Gradelle, Cuma etc.).
  • Support to the Regions of Apulia and Basilicata for the implementation of Art. 17 of Law No. 36/94 regarding Transboundary Water Resources Management.
  • Support and technical assistance within the Convention, for implementing the Framework Programme Agreement concerning the interregional exchange of water resources between the Regions of Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Molise and Lazio.
  • Complementary studies aiming to increase the effectiveness of Water Protection Plans indications, focusing in particular on the Regional Plans for controlling and assessing the phytosanitary products use over the territory.
  • Support to the Civil Protection Department in identifying potable water supply sources and building up a Database functional to the Civil Protection objectives.
  • International activities through SEMIDE, a project that aims to facilitate the exchange of information in order to improve water resources management and know-how sharing between the Mediterranean countries.


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